Income generation. Iron Condors and Flies.

Income generation. Iron Condors and Flies.

Iron condors and butterflies combine a credit put spread and a credit call spread and attempt to profit from small or no moves in the stock.

An easy way to think about condors and flies is they are positions that take the other side of those expecting movement in the stock. They “sell the move”.

What is an Iron Condor?

An Iron Condor consists of a credit call spread and credit put spread. It establishes a profit range between the two (inside) short strikes. It defines risk with its two long (outside) strikes.

What is an Iron Butterfly?

An Iron Butterfly has the same components as an Iron Condor, a credit call spread combined with a credit put spread, but they each share the same short strike.

Because the short strikes are a specific point, the max gain of this trade is at that specific point (the center of the green above). The gains are less as the stock moves away from that center point.

On Options AI, selecting the “I’m neutral” button will generate an Iron Condor and an Iron Butterfly based on the expected move strikes for your time frame.

The widths of the trades can be adjusted on the edit strikes feature as well as re-centering each trade higher or lower if the trader has a discretional view.

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