Trading With Options AI

The Platform

Options AI is entirely different by design.

A visual trading platform built to make advanced option trading as straightforward as buying a stock.

Whether your goal is income from options, finding lower cost ways to trade your view, or simply buying a stock, we think you’ll never see trading platforms the same way again.

Ways to Trade

4 innovative ways to trade. 1 powerfully simple platform.


Set your profit zone and generate credit or debit spreads straight from a chart.


Use the expected move to guide strike selection and instantly compare ways to trade any view.


Filter categories and scan for trades based on probability of profit or expected moves.


Stock and options for when you know what you want.

Supported Strategies

Your co-pilot to altogether smarter trading.

  • Stock, Calls, Puts, Debit Put Spreads, Debit Call Spreads, Credit Put Spreads, Credit Call Spreads, Iron Condors, Iron Butterflies and more.

Commissions & Fees

Commission-free stock trading is great but so is the freedom to trade multi-leg option spreads without the per contract fees.

Options AI has introduced revolutionary flat pricing to take commissions out of your trading decisions. Stock is $0 commission, and options are $5 flat – any size any trade*.

*Applicable exchange, clearing and regulatory fees still apply. See our complete fee schedule here.

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